Speak to my Soul…

The air is crisp and the birds are singing to our maker. In my head, silently, I’m praying for a productive work week both for myself and husband. I’m praying for something in my soul to change and humming “you’re a good good father” by Chris Tomlin.You guessed it, I’m on my porch again. I realize that I am a visual person, and many of you are like me so I have included a picture of my porch. It isn’t grand in size or have room for more than two or three at a time. It’s just how I like it, close and cozy. I am happy to report that I finally did my dishes so my favorite coffee cup is clean and holding that beautiful liquid that jolts life and warmth directly to our hearts. My laundry pile has been put away but let’s be honest laundry is a revolving line of credit. You withdraw your clean linens and clothes and deposit them into their proper places and your hamper looks promising. In its bare appearance you then remember that it’s time to wash your bed spread and sheets. It’s the cycle of washing, It’s the circle of life.

Our weekend was productive to say the least. My muscles are aching in protest and had I been in a “weekend challenge”, I’m certain I would have taken the gold with the “steps” I accrued on my FitBit.

Saturday started at 4:30am with a drive through the ozark mountains. The fog was thick and the sun hadn’t ignited the sky quite yet when I left. Somewhere near Huntsville it lifted it’s finger and stirred purples and pinks and reds into the horizon, lifting patches of fog as it rose.

My grandparents are moving again and this Saturday they held a garage sale. I think I could write a children’s book and turn everyone I met into a character. We had farmers and four wheelers and flea market booth entrepreneurs. One particular man had a voice that demanded your attention even before you saw him. He was friendly and chatty, I half expected to see some short man in a goofy hat carrying a chihuahua or shitzu. I don’t know, the things we come up with. After turning to see such a sight, my eyes were surprised to see a 10 foot tall man smiling and laughing carrying large objects like they’re pennies. With his overalls and entourage he purchased a few items, took what they could and then promised to come back for the rest. Truly a jolly giant, I met a jolly giant! Watching all of the characters find hidden treasures among the tables aligned with trinkets and silverware. One little girl found thirty six cents in a purse she procured. Aftrr being told she could, in fact, keep the change she beamed at the possibilities. What was she saving for? I wonder with a toothy smile on my face. To most thirty six cents is more of a nuisance than anything.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, proved to be just as rewarding. Stay tuned for some DIY projects!


I remember walking through the large flower beds at home and taking mental pictures of the shrubs and trees I liked. I worked along side my stepmom for a short time. I would watch in aw as a bare piece of ground turned into a magical trail of blooms and branches. Mulch cascading across the soil to bring everything together in unison. Gardening definitely requires your patience and vision. As people we’re a lot like a plant. There are seasons that we grow and bare our blooms for all to see. In rough weather we might loose those blooms and a few branches. I think he cold we don’t grow but survive and create a tough skin. Sometimes we have to be pruned so that new growth can happen in the right season. This brings comfort to me. This year has definitely been a year of pruning. Though it does not come as natural or to me to create I have always been a fan of flower beds with a little here and there, only a small pattern but different plants coloring in between the line.
God has been chasing me lately. Purpose is a word that keeps coming up over and over. I might listen to the radio on my way home from work and hear a message about purpose. I watch a local church pastor on Sunday mornings and will watch the sermons that I missed. Purpose again. “Okay God I’m listening.” A few songs in a row come on the radio and there is that word again! Purpose.

I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet. Right now it’s like watching previews to a movie that you really want to see, but it hasn’t come out in theaters yet. Instead you’re just stuck with the anticipation. I know whatever God is psyching me up for will be amazing but WHEN! In the midst of all this, I am majoring in the study of patience. Don’t get me wrong, patience is a strong characteristic of me. Patience with myself is where I lack. There are three things I know.

1. Whatever it is, my purpose, it’s going to be great!

2. Whenever God reveals it to me, it will be the right time.

3. Godis preparing my heart for something big.
Maybe my purpose is this Blog! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Front Porch Sessions

Every morning I wake up, wander into my kitchen, and fumble my way around making myself a cup of coffee. As it gurgles and sputters to life, I let the pups out and water my flowers. Back inside that “liquid gold” warms my hands around the ceramic cup I use. This morning I’m using my husbands cup because the “mount magazine” memorabilia coffee mug I usually use is dirty. I walk past the pile of clean laundry I need to put away, and out the door I find myself in my favorite chair at my favorite place, home.Right after sunrise when life is just beginning to stir, I spot a deer eating leaves and two squirrels playing hide and seek in front of me. This place relaxes me. Your porch should always bring peace to you. My “front porch sessions” are my “me time.” I wake up an hour early to have these moments to myself. I gather my thoughts for the day or ponder my next project. Sometimes I have entire conversations with myself and mumble a word or two out loud, I’m sure. Prayers come easy too. This morning I’m praying for a productive day, rain to keep things cool, and for my husband’s day to go smoothly. As the last bit of coffee is sipped away my morning session ends. “What am I going to wear today?” “Where did I put those tan flats that go with my green dress?” And so begins a brand new day.
What do you do for “me time”? 

Grow Where You Are Planted… part 1

Lately, I have been working around my little “cute cottage” to bring life to my yard. Limbs and small sticks sprinkle my 3 acres and slowly they’re being picked up and put into piles opening a blank canvas just for me.

You can find me, most Sunday afternoons, walking my wilderness and making mental plans of what I want to do or build next. Most recently I made a new flower bed on the north side of my house. Here is how I did it!
Phase 1 = Coffee because who can do anything without it! Rest assured, I did drink A LOT of water too.

Phase 2 = place rocks (or landscape stone of your choice) where you want your outline to be. I also had some already purchased plants that I set out to see a rough draft of what my final product would look like. Please ignore the siding we need to repair / Paint.

Phase 3 = get dirt (most places will give you a yard of topsoil for somewhere around 20-30 dollars) this big bed used a whole yard and took two trips because that stuff is heavy)

Time to spread it! This step takes strength and perseverance! Skip the gym today because you will get a full body workout.

Phase 4 – set out your plants where you want them before planting them. This side of my house is mostly sunny towards the front, but the very back of the flower bed is mostly shaded due to tree cover. Make sure you buy plants that do well in your climate and always leave a large space behind your plants and house in case you need to walk behind them for painting or repairs.

Let your plants sit for a few days to make sure that’s where you want them! I moved mine once or twice. Once they’re in the ground it’s much harder to move them.

​Phase 5- time to plant and mulch! Lucky me I had a helper!

Whew! Planting everything, done! I fertilized the little guys to encourage growing before mulching. Dark brown mulch is my favorite because I love the color but you can use whatever color you like! There are so many options !

Voila! New flower bed! I’ll be picking out some little flowers this weekend to add a pop of color. Have a beauitful day everyone !